Jairus’s Girl – The Book

Tammie’s life in a quiet fishing town would never be the same again.

Her future wasn’t looking good (understatement!), but things quickly went from bad to WICKED with the arrival of a strange grown-up with nice eyes.
And as for the business with Daniel’s lunch, or Dibs’s roof . . .

Jairus’s Girl is part of ‘The Young Testament’ – an entertaining and moving account of the Galilee side of Jesus’s story – aimed at pre-teens, though some adults have sneakily read and enjoyed it too.

Available in paperback or ebook, in the UK here and in the USA here or search your country’s Amazon site.

“Funny, imaginative and moving… We loved it… The characters feel as if they’re there in front of you. Definitely a recommended read for 8-13 year olds.” New Wine Magazine, March 2017

Selection of 5 star reviews on Amazon:

“I am 12 and I absolutely adore this book. It is truly fantastic . . . you definitely don’t want to put the book down . . . The storyline is amazing”

“Well-written and made me laugh out loud. I bought this book for my 9-year-old but I got hooked on it myself”

“I am in year 3. This book is a must have book . . . brilliant at telling a story from the Bible”

“I think that anyone that reads this book will love it! It is the number 1 book!”

“A sensitive and beautiful book for all the family. Made me cry. Great intro to Jesus for children!”

“I bought this book for my 7 year old daughters, and they absolutely loved it!… they couldn’t wait to continue the story each day.”

Lynn is always delighted to give readings of the book – for schools, churches, libraries or coffee shops! She can also perform drama sketches, or conduct workshops.  Tweet her @jairus_girl to arrange a visit.

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