Joseph’s Boy

Jamie had BIG dreams. He wanted to be a prince. He wanted his dad to marry a lovely young woman called Mary. He wanted an army of little brothers and sisters who would look up to him and think how clever and important he was.
But at no point did he expect one of them to be a long-awaited king, destined to reign forever. Nope. Not part of the plan…

A kids’-eye take on the first Christmas!
Joseph’s Boy is the first of ‘The Young Testament’, a fun, accessible series of full-length books on the Jesus story, with the children and young people as the main characters.

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Lynn has posted a number of readings on her YouTube channel. Here‘s John the Baptist’s baby-naming ceremony, as it appears in Joseph’s Boy!

“What an achievement… A fab and fun retelling of the New Testament in a way that I never thought possible. Highly recommended!” Paul Kerensa, comedian & writer (MIRANDA; NOT GOING OUT; TOP GEAR; HARK! THE BIOGRAPHY OF CHRISTMAS)

“The author has a fantastic ability to draw the reader into the world of the characters… This story is superb and one that every age group would find interesting and hilarious” Readers’ Favorite

“Joseph’s Boy is a story for all seasons and will keep you company with its engaging tone… Jamie is irresistible” Readers’ Favorite

Selection of 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:

“Quirky, funny and immensely enjoyable… a ripping yarn… an inspired concept… I am waiting for the next book with baited breath”

“Loved it! A feast of family, friendship and fun!… a modern, cool style and loveable characters. Superb historical and cultural detail for the older children too!”

“A great book for all ages! Joseph’s Boy really made me think hard about the Christmas story… really fun and interesting, every single page! I could hardly put it down. L.R Hay has really worked hard and thought outside the box! I would now consider it one of my favourite books”

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