That Woman’s Girl

Ten-year-old Kat’s vast criminal empire was running fine, thanks, until a weird guy turned up in a river, dunking people and shouting about snakes.

When things got even more random, with the rumoured ‘chosen one’ following a bird into the wilderness, Kat should have known to get out – but for a skilled pickpocket like her, the crowds this strange pair attracted were just… too… tempting…

THAT WOMAN’S GIRL is the Samaria and Decapolis side of the Young Testament – an outsider’s view of Jesus! Standalone, but overlapping with JOSEPH’S BOY and JAIRUS’S GIRL to form one big storyworld.

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“We may know the stories – but we know them in a certain package (Matthew, Mark, Luke etc). What we’ve often lost is the freshness, the challenge, the sting of those stories. Lynn Robertson Hay draws us into those familiar stories from a parallel narrative of Kat and Kai and friends, and reveals them for what they truly are – real, exciting, life-changing. This is vivid, attractive story-telling of a high order”

Rt. Revd. John Pritchard, Former Bishop of Oxford

“A book that sweeps you into a world of heartfelt characters and passionate plot lines…

Lynn’s writing must be given the opportunity to touch so many others.  The world created stays with you long after you put the book down”

Israel Oyelumade, actor, director and CEO of Dramalysis (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN; RSC; National Theatre)

“A superb tool for introducing the story of Jesus to middle graders… Steeped in the Bible… Being a primary school teacher, I’m often on the hunt for a ‘light’ way of teaching the bible. And that’s what we have here. The author, L R Hay, is a talented writer who works hard to keep the story accessible to the young reader. The tools she employs for doing that: a relaxed, contemporary writing style, a fun to follow protagonist, and strong pacing… The originality jumps out on every page, allowing the young reader to relate to Kat, and what she feels and thinks… the author did a wonderful job. Highly recommended!”

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

“a story that may require more than one reading to fully absorb the impact… Hay is descriptive but inserts areas of humor to allow readers to fully understand the atmosphere without derailing the story…  Young people and more experienced readers will learn a lot about the culture during Jesus’s time and will gasp as Kat’s family and Jesus intersect, revealing familiar stories. Kat is a relatable and likable character and provides an interesting and involved viewpoint, making That Woman’s Girl a must-read for all ages!”

Readers’ Favorite

“an accessible children’s story on the later life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus that is made relatable by telling it through the point of view of Kat. I liked that Hay uses primarily dialogue to convey the story in an organic way. While the end is moving and most readers are familiar with the Resurrection of Christ, teaching kids about it as more than just a fable is often difficult. I am certain that Hay’s work will bridge the gap, and I have no doubt others who read it will feel the same. Very highly recommended”

Readers’ Favorite

“L R Hay’s imaginative storytelling presents the Samaria and Decapolis perspective of the Jesus story in a highly accessible way for young readers to find common ground between modern life and the teachings of the Bible… it offers a unique perspective on a familiar narrative, showcasing the events from a child’s point of view, highlighting their curiosity, fascination, and the mysterious aspects of the tale perfectly. Overall, That Woman’s Girl is a captivating and thought-provoking addition to the Young Testament series, providing a fresh and engaging approach to a well-known story, and I would certainly recommend it”

Readers’ Favorite

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Book cover artwork  © Poppy Henson